Auto Repair Services

Master Automotive Centers is your complete auto repair center.

Whether you have a car, truck or SUV that’s been sitting a little too long or your main ride needs a little TLC, Master Automotive Centers is your Certified Auto Repair Shop that can tend to all your auto repair needs.

Auto Repair

Most modern vehicles can now go longer between regular service intervals, but there are engine components that are subject to wear and tear. Without proper auto repair maintenance, the belts and hoses in your engine can develop small cracks and your engine or other parts can develop leaks. If these are not inspected on a regular basis they can cause much larger problems.

Certified Auto Repair Shop

A properly maintained vehicle is more reliable and will last longer, making the most of your investment. Our ASE certified technicians perform diagnostic and auto repair services on all cars, trucks, and SUVs. From routine oil changes, transmission repair, brake repair, clutch repair, A/C repair, exhaust, muffler and smog repairs, Master Automotive Centers, a Certified Auto Repair Shop, has you covered.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

If your vehicle is still under a manufacturer’s warranty, you can still bring your vehicle in for routine maintenance or service and maintain your manufacturer’s warranty.

Most Extended Warranties Accepted

Extended warranties provide peace of mind to car buyers today. The extended warranty kicks in after the original warranty has expired. An extended warranty covers major breakdowns and minimizes the cost of repairs. At Master Automotive Centers, we are happy to honor most extended warranties.