AUTO AC REPAIR TECHNICIANS LAS VEGASDriving comfortably on a hot day is something that most drivers tend to take for granted, that is until you notice that your air conditioning is no longer functioning properly. Your air conditioning system is complicated and full of moving parts. This includes your auto a/c air compressor. It pumps the refrigerant through your a/c system. The compressor runs incredibly hot due to its function and can easily break down if it develops a lubricant leak.

Automotive A/C Leak Las Vegas, NV

Another way that your air conditioning can break down is to develop a refrigerant leak. These can start small and are barely noticeable. You may not know that the a/c system in your car has a leak until your air conditioning unit starts to blow hot air.

If you notice that your air conditioner is broken or simply not performing as well as it used to, give us a call or dive on into our shop and we’ll be happy to help you out. We can quickly perform an inspection of your air conditioning. We can check for leaks in your a/c system, repair them and recharge your a/c system.

Auto A/C Diagnostic Las Vegas, NV

Excessive noise when turning on the a/c in your car can also be a symptom of your air conditioning starting to fail. This can mean that there is an obstruction in your refrigerant lines which is starving the compressor and can cause it to overheat and seize.

If we can help you catch the issue when it is small and the air compressor can continue to function then the system can be refilled. A leak can also starve your compressor but again if the issue can be caught early on then your air conditioning unit can be saved and you’ll be back on the road in a car, truck or SUV while driving at a comfortable temperature.

So when you have questions about your air conditioning system and whether or not it is working properly, give us a call, schedule an appointment online or drive on into our garage and we’ll be happy to take care of all your automotive needs.

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