Forty years ago, cars rarely contained electronics.  Most vehicles contained less than $50 dollars in electronics in the entire vehicle. Today, there are thousands of dollars worth of computerized instruments in a variety of vehicles. 

Computers can operate virtually anything in a vehicle: the radio, airbags, cruise control, and even more complex components like engine control, transmission, and emissions. The costs of these computers can vary drastically depending upon what part of the vehicle they control.  Some are only a couple hundred dollars, others can be more than a thousand dollars. 

If your vehicle contains computers, which it likely does, you want to make sure your auto repair shop of choice has the instruments and the knowledge to treat your car properly.  Shops without technical experience or the proper tools may try to guess the problem.  They could be right, but they could also be wrong, and if they are incorrect in their findings, it’s possible the repairs you receive are not only unnecessary but costly.  That’s why it’s imperative that you choose an auto repair shop with an extensive working knowledge of computerized diagnostic procedures and the most up-to-date equipment to diagnose the issues. 

It’s also paramount that you have a technician you can trust, who understands the procedures so they can explain the charges. Lots of customers become concerned when they see a general diagnostic charge on their bill.  The best way to explain these charges would be pointing out their similarity to medical billing.  Similar to diagnostic testing when you visit your physician, you may to pay for services to diagnose your problem: blood tests, scans, even your office visit.  It’s the same with a car.  In order to run a thorough check on your vehicle, a diagnostic test must be done. Usually, this test is less than the repair and can sometimes go towards the repair or service. 

What we really want to impress upon you is this.  At Master Automotive Centers, we pride ourselves on our innovative techniques and extensive knowledge of the latest technology in auto repair.  We understand the importance of correctly performing and diagnosing computer diagnostics issues. 

If you have any concerns about your vehicle’s performance, please stop by or call and speak with one our specialists. 

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