Your Fuel Injectors spray a fine mist of fuel into the combustion chambers that keeps your engine running properly.  Over time, just like a shower head, they can become clogged with buildup from contaminants present in your gasoline.  When these contaminants are subjected to the intense heat and pressure of your engine they become much like a sludge that can prevent your fuel injectors from performing at their best which can cause problems for your engine.

These problems include trouble starting your engine, poor fuel economy, a sticky throttle and overall poor performance. In extreme cases, clogged fuel injectors may cause your vehicle to stall.   It is also recommended that you have your fuel injectors serviced at your 60,000 mile marker and every 30,000 miles thereafter.  This is because not only does your engine depend on the fuel injectors to start but to continue operating properly.  Here at Master Automotive Centers we offer a very intensive fuel injector cleaning service.

We perform an induction cleaning of the intake manifold and perform a throttle body service.   In addition to cleaning the throttle body, we also tap into the fuel rail to perform a chemical cleaning of your fuel injectors. Overall, our two-step Fuel Injector Service helps prevent rough idling, stumbling through initial acceleration and stalling. We use a BG Product Kit to perform this essential maintenance service.

Fuel Injector Cleaning Las Vegas, NV

This procedure will help remove harmful deposits and fuel impurities that eventually build-up to prevent your fuel injectors from operating properly. Let us know if you experience any performance issues while operating your vehicle during your daily commute or long road trips.  A fuel injector cleaning may be all you need to improve performance, increase your gas mileage and help your engine last longer in general.

We can provide this service along with many other preventative maintenance services to help you avoid hazardous roadside breakdowns or from getting stranded with a car, truck or SUV that won’t start.

Let us know if it has been awhile since you’ve had your fuel injectors serviced or if you are coming up on your 60,000 Mile Marker. We can take a look at the current condition of your vehicle and then provide you with a maintenance schedule that works for both you and your vehicle. Let us be your one stop shop for your entire automotive maintenance needs and repairs.

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