A/C Repair

Keep your vehicle running cool with a courtesy A/C inspection from Master Automotive Centers!

We all know Las Vegas is a beautiful city and an exciting place to live. It’s also roughly 2,000 feet above sea level, which means hot summer days and nights! Your air conditioning system is complicated and full of moving parts that require attention to avoid drying and cracking. Regular inspections help ensure cooling efficiency and can identify possible refrigerant leaks.

A/C Repair Signs

Most times it’s obvious you need to book an appointment, like the A/C is running but it feels like a sauna in your vehicle or there is a strange smell coming from your vents. If the cool air isn’t as cool as it used to be, or you hear strange noises, get your A/C serviced right away.

A/C Inspection and Repair

A/C inspection or performance check to diagnosis and address system components can be completed at Master Automotive Centers. Regular inspections will help ensure A/C efficiency and identify possible leaks.

A/C Recharge

A vehicle’s A/C system is sealed, but leaks can materialize over time. If that happens, you need an A/C recharge with added refrigerant to bring pressure up to specifications and a test to reveal system leaks to avoid further damage.