Even the most reliable and durable vehicles will need factory scheduled maintenance over time.  In order for you to keep your car running at optimum performance levels, a periodic inspection of your timing belt is recommended. However, not all vehicles have a timing belt. Some use a chain or even gears for the same purpose, to keep the engine in time. Unlike a timing chain or timing gears the timing belt is a normal wear item, like your drive belts or hoses.

A timing belt replacement is inevitable.  At some point in the life span of your vehicle, the timing belt will began to crack and need replacement.

Unfortunately, there’s no set time to expect this to happen.  It depends on a multitude of factors, like drive time, road conditions and climate.  If you live in an area with extreme weather conditions, such as hot summers and hard winters, it’s more likely your belt will crack or snap completely and sooner than anticipated. 

In order to avoid this occurrence at an inopportune moment, there are a few preventative steps you can take.  Having your technician regularly check your vehicle for wear is an excellent idea.  Belts are usually examined during a milestone service / every 30,000 miles.  But, if you are concerned your belt may give out before then, just ask your technician to give it a glance.  Another step to take would be to check your owner’s manual or contact the dealer and find out when they recommend having the timing belt replaced.  They can give you unique insight and perspective based on the history, make, and model of your vehicle, especially if the car was purchased used. If you cannot or do not have this information, don’t panic.  We can help. 

At Master Automotive Centers, we will happily examine any part of your vehicle that is a cause for concern, give you honest feedback, and find the most cost-effective service option to fit the needs of your vehicle. 

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