Exhaust & Mufflers

Increase your fuel efficiency with a new performance exhaust system from Master Automotive Centers!
The exhaust system eliminates toxic fumes from the inside of your vehicle and decreases contaminating emissions from the air.
What It Does
The exhaust pipe diverts fumes from the engine and keeps your vehicle performing efficiently. If you notice a loss of vehicle performance, rattling or increased exhaust noise, or decrease in fuel efficiency, you may have an exhaust or muffler problem.
Failing Catalytic Converter
The catalytic converter is used to help convert the harmful pollutants into less harmful emissions before these pollutants leave the exhaust system. Catalytic converter failing signs are the check engine light or a metal clanging sound coming from the engine area.
Custom Exhaust
Most vehicle manufacturers leave room for improvement when it comes to torque and horsepower. High quality performance exhaust systems dramatically change the look and feel of your vehicle while experiencing increased torque and horsepower. We offer custom exhaust and performance exhaust systems personalized to your specific needs. Master Automotive Centers can trick your ride out with a custom aftermarket exhaust system to maximize performance and visual style, and give your engine the sound it deserves.