Smog Repair

Get your vehicle emissions in-line with a courtesy code scan from Master Automotive Centers!
Exhaust System

All exhaust systems work to remove harmful fumes from the engine which are produced while the engine is running. Exhaust fumes are collected from the cylinder head by the exhaust manifold. The manifold acts as a funnel, diverting fumes from the engine cylinders and releases through the front pipe. The fumes travel through a catalytic converter which removes harmful elements including carbon monoxide and hydrogen monoxide which are converted into inert gases. The fumes pass through the muffler and exit via the tail pipe at the rear which carries gases away from the vehicle.

Emissions Problem Indicators

If your vehicle fails either an emissions test or inspection, it will need to be repaired and retested. If you see visible smoke when operating your vehicle, it could be a sign of more serious problems. The catalytic converter is the main portion of the vehicle that helps cut down on emissions and harmful environmental contaminants.

Smog Repair Done Right

Today’s computer controlled and fuel injected vehicles have complicated equipment that requires a certified technician to properly diagnose and make necessary repairs. If you are worried about not passing a smog check or you’ve already failed one, we can help to quickly and efficiently repair your vehicle in order to pass the check and get on with your life. Master Automotive Centers is conveniently located and happy to help with all your smog repair needs.