Transmission Repair

Keep your vehicle shifting efficiently with a courtesy inspection from Master Automotive Centers!  

The transmission is one of the most critical pieces of any vehicle’s performance. If you notice any of the warning signs listed, you should immediately schedule a transmission repair service.

Warning Signs

Transmission fluid leaks on the driveway, hesitation or lack of response in gear shifting, burning odors, and/or whining, buzzing, or humming noises.

Transmission Repair

Our certified technicians will perform a courtesy transmission code scan to identify problems with the control system or any components or sensors that needs to be replaced.

Transmission Fluid Change

Our certified technicians follow strict guidelines set by your vehicle’s manufacturer when performing a transmission fluid change. Discoloration and cross contamination are checked, and if necessary, replacing the transmission filter.

Transmission Flush

If a transmission fluid service is not performed when it is needed it can cause damage to your transmission system such as the seals, clutches brake bands and gears. This is because your transmission fluid lubrication properties are reduced over time due to wear, contamination and contact with the air. Master Automotive Centers can check your transmission fluid and let you know when you can expect to perform a transmission fluid flush. A transmission flush will push out dirt and sludge that has collected over time.